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Educational Wooden Game Pino - 3 in 1: Balancing Game, Lacing Beads and Stacking Blocks with Numbers

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Learning numbers is so fun with the help of the colorful blossom shapes that are threaded on sticks of different lengths. 

These sticks are placed on a wooden base, inscribed with number digits and number words in English language. In addition to learning numbers, number sequence and colors, these activities encourage the development of precision, fine motor skills, concentration and reasoning. 

Threading beads, i.e. shapes on a lace is an excellent game for hand muscles, coordination and patience.  

The toy becomes a balancing game when a piece is attached to the base thus transforming the base into a “see-saw”. The aim is to place all blossoms on the base, without slipping. This requires the child to properly assess and place an equal number on the left and right side.   

Playing with this toy, a child compares quantities, estimates weights and observes the relationship of the left and right side on the balancing base.  


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