We are official representative of PINO Wooden Toys for Bulgaria. 


In 2017 we started our own brand of toys - Bright Toys. Our vision is to create BRIGHT - intelligent, smart, vivid, ingenious, clever - toys and games that are fun and challenging for both parents and children to play (together!).

All Bright Toys games have been inspired by games we played with our kids (2 boys - currently 8 and 6 years old).

We aim to differ from so many toys that swamp our children today but are a distraction from real learning, discovery and creativity, that are a diversion to turning our children into little consumers to fit into our commercialized society.

All our games are made in Bulgaria!

Bright Toys Games with Buttons are a collection of classic strategy board games that have stood the test of time and have been played in one form or another for hundreds and even thousands of years. The more complicated games are adapted for younger children.

Our second collection of games is Bright Toys Card Games. Each game combines several games with different levels of difficulty. 


We import and distribute the original Kinetic Sand, produced by Relevant Play in Sweden. Since 2017, we are a representative of Relevant Play's educational products in Bulgaria. We hope that Kinetic Sand will soon be followed by Relevant Play's other innovative and creative products.


In 2018 we added another brand of wooden toys to our portfolio of products - the Dutch brand Jouéco.

Jouéco wooden toys are an extensive range of quality products - educational wooden toys with fun illustrations, cheerful colours and a beautiful finish which give the line a unique appearance. Also, an increasing number of Jouéco products are FSC® certified!


Wooden toys Lucy&Leo is a young brand with clear vision for the future. It expands rapidly across Europe. The toys are made of beech wood and with high-quality natural materials – water-based paints and glue. 


Johntoy is a Dutch brand that offers various toys for pre-school and school-age children.


Movement, creativity, sustainability and quality 'Made in Germany': this is TicToys' philosophy.

Made only of renewable materials. 

New generation toys!


Luco blocks are the first interlocking construction bricks made fully of rubber wood. Wood made of Rubber trees that are out of rubber and get a second chance. Super ecofriendly!

Children can play with the unique Luco blocks for hours and use their 3D skills, develop their imagination and nurture their creativity.


HoloToyz is a new, innovative range of tattoos, stickers, interactive books and wall decals that come to life offering a fun, immersive learning experience through the magic of Augmented Reality.