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Did you know that every minute forests that equal the size of 36 football fields disappear? This occurs mainly in the tropical forests of the South American Amazon area, in the African Congo basin and in southeast Asia. Deforestation is responsible each year for 15% of CO2 emissions and therefore plays a great role in climate change. In addition, 80% of all animals on earth are dependent on the forest as well as millions of people who live or work in forests.

Jouéco are very conscious of these conspicuous figures. That is why an ever increasing number of Jouéco products are FSC® certified! This means that the wood originates from properly managed forests. FSC® forests are very different than other forests and most comply with a long list of criteria. By using FSC® certified wood, Jouéco contributes directly to the protection of our worldwide forests and to a healthy living environment for both people and animals on earth. This is important. After all, you do want to perpetually enjoy our forests as well as the natural toys made from FSC® certified wood!


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