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  • Bright Toys
  • Cubika Wooden Toys
  • CURIOSI Puzzles

    The wonderfully designed creations by Curiosi extend over a diverse range of very special puzzles. Each puzzle is a small work of art in itself and beautifully tricky to complete. The puzzles are of premium quality to the tiniest detail.

    Thanks to the beautiful packaging, the puzzles are also ideal as gifts for all age groups.

    Designed with passion and imagination these puzzles will challenge your mind and provide a unique puzzle experience.

    Made in Germany.

  • HoloToyz


    HoloToyz Logo HoloToyz - kids toys that come to life!

    HoloToyz is a new, innovative range of tattoos, stickers, interactive books and wall decals that come to life offering a fun, immersive learning experience through the magic of Augmented Reality.


    The free HoloToyz app brings the fun characters to life in incredible 3D animation and inspires creativity and enhances imagination! Each design is rendered with stunning graphics and comes to life using cutting-edge technology.


    Get up close to our characters by placing them in the room for an immersive 360° experience. Take photos/selfies to share with your friends!



    About the Holotoyz app:

    - It is free.

    - It is safe and easy to use.

    - No registration required.

    - No in-app purchases. 


    More information:





    Download the free app!

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  • IQ Puzzle

  • Johntoy
  • Jouéco Wooden Toys

    Jouéco wooden toys are an extensive range of quality products - educational wooden toys with fun illustrations, cheerful colours and a beautiful finish which give the line a unique appearance.

    Jouéco is for children from 6 months through 3 years, and older.



    Did you know that every minute forests that equal the size of 36 football fields disappear? This occurs mainly in the tropical forests of the South American Amazon area, in the African Congo basin and in southeast Asia. Deforestation is responsible each year for 15% of CO2 emissions and therefore plays a great role in climate change. In addition, 80% of all animals on earth are dependent on the forest as well as millions of people who live or work in forests.

    Jouéco are very conscious of these conspicuous figures. That is why an ever increasing number of Jouéco products are FSC® certified! This means that the wood originates from properly managed forests. FSC® forests are very different than other forests and most comply with a long list of criteria. By using FSC® certified wood, Jouéco contributes directly to the protection of our worldwide forests and to a healthy living environment for both people and animals on earth. This is important. After all, you do want to perpetually enjoy our forests as well as the natural toys made from FSC® certified wood!





  • Luco Toys
  • Lucy&Leo Wooden toys
  • Pino Wooden Toys

    PINO is the creative and educational bond between children and nature. As the tree binds to the earth with its roots children as well need to form the foundation of their future development as early as in their childhood. An instinctive need for establishing closeness with nature through playing with sand, pebbles, twigs, and leaves is in children’s nature.

    Pino is s Brand of Jamax M, Serbia. The company's products include wooden toys, baby equipment and bamboo products for children and adults.

    Safety, proven quality and compliance with current European are the major principles for Jamax M's philosophy of business.

  • Pixelhobby

    Pixelhobby is a no-mess hobby product. The pixel squares are sustainably produced from bio-plastics. The raw materials for these bioplastics come from bio-ethanol that has been converted from sugar cane.


    Pixel XL is suitable for children of 4 years and older. The sets contain everything that you need to create a beautiful pixel artwork. 


    Pixelhobby Pixel XL

    How does it work?


    Place the pixels on a baseplate using either an existing pattern or your own. There is no need to use an iron or glue because the pixels stay on the plastic pins of the baseplate.


    Pixel XL is suitable for ages ranging from 4 and up. The pixels are 5x5 mm. You place the pixel on 4 base plate pins. 


    Pixel Classic is suitable for ages ranging from 6 and up. The pixels are 2.5x2.5 mm. You place the pixel on 1 baseplate pin.


    Made in Netherlands



  • Puzzlika
  • TicToys

    Movement, creativity, sustainability and quality Made in Germany: this is TicToys' philosophy.






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