Binabo - more than a ball

Create anything with Binabo! By simply clicking together the identical "chips", the most magnificent creations can be formed - a pirate ship, bouncing frogs, a racing car or even a marble run - there are no limits to your imagination and creativity with this children's toy.

But Binabo is not just a construction game, it also brings movement into your child's room! The colorful pieces can be used to create stable juggling, soccer and volleyballs or even bowling and throwing games. With the self-made toys you can let off steam with your friends and siblings.

By pushing the connected chips in the opposite direction, you can easily disconnect the connector again and your Binabos are ready for new handicraft and creative adventures!

The Binabo chips are completely harmless for children, since Binabo is made from a biological material (Arboblend®), which consists of sugar and wood fibers. This makes Binabo 100% natural and free of toxins. The material is flexible, extremely stable, washable and suitable for indoors and outdoors. The chips as well as the packaging are completely made in Germany.

The Binabo chips are available in mixed colours (yellow, green, orange, blue) and in the black and white design edition. Four different packs of 24, 36, 60 or 240 chips make the game fun perfect! Every Binabo set comes with a small booklet with inspiration and instructions.

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